Roller Derby Girls ROCK !

© Lee Love Photography - Roller Derby Girl

BuckingSlam Malice – © Lee Love

I have been working on a new series with Roller Derby Girls for the last 6 months and have been remiss in posting any images on this project. In fact I have been a slug when it comes to keeping up with the blog. What’s new right ?  :)

I don’t know why I have such a hard time posting new info because I have a lot going on so I am going to make a real effort to turn over a new leaf (shutter) in 2013. Yea like that is going to happen.
Anyway, back to the Roller Derby Girls… As many of you know I really enjoy interesting characters and I certainly found a great group of women who not only love the sport but are terrific character studies.

I imagine like most people, I too thought this is a sport that had disappeared but I was amazed to see how active this has become around the country. The other surprise was how family oriented the events are and the turn out by the local community. During half time there were demonstrations by other local groups such Karate schools, dancers and even a fashion show.

One of the great things about photography is it allows me to learn a lot about a lot of different subjects and cultures and Roller Derby is no different. For example, the women rarely use their real names and I am told the other skaters often do not know the real names of their team mates. They come up with their own nom de plume with names such as Blonde Fury, Buckingslam Malice, MenaPaws Ataks and Cinnamon Burn. I thought was very interesting and added an additional intrigue to this project. The most difficult part of the project is understanding the actual bouts and how they are scored. Before I ever picked up a camera I attended a couple of practice bouts and asked lots of questions about the skaters and how the sport is scored. For me the more I know about the sport and culture the better I can represent them through my images.

MenaPaws Ataks – © Lee Love

As with most personal projects of this nature I will photograph the subject from as many different creative perspectives in order to do the subject justice. I believe there is a lot more to capture and these examples are your first glimpse into the world of Roller Derby.

Check out the Northern Virginia Roller Derby League to learn more.

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Why are we not more Creative ?

As photographers we all struggle with getting in touch with our creative side. The ability to get in touch with the childlike nature that has no pre-concieved ideas of how things are “suppose” to fit together is a rare gift.

There are many books and articles written on the topic but here is a short video that should be inspiring to anyone who strives to be more creative.

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Original Photography vs. Buying Stock

Recently I ran across the blog of Michael Valenti from Valenti Advertising Design Ideas. Michael has worked in the industry for more than 30 years and has a list of impressive clients. One of Michael’s blog post that caught my eye was the titled “Original Photography vs. Buying Stock”. The article is an excellent overview of the issues that face many agencies today when it comes to the use of photography.

So why should I hire a photographer to shoot your brochure?

Ferrell Law, photography Sandro

Simple, you get the content you want and need, you get a look that is yours alone and you start creating an image library that can help you keep a consistent look and feel throughout all of your digital and printed materials. That’s why. Not to mention you own it if you buy the rights. So nobody else can use it.

 And the best reason of all is that your unique images help you differentiate your company or product from your competition. The photography you shoot will create an image that you own, your look, your feel, and your voice.

Read Michael’s Complete Article

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Finding Balance in Your Client Relationship

Question: I know you have to be talented, but personality is extremely important as well. What is the balance between being cool and still having your standards, whether you’re meeting with a potential client or working on set?


Personality is important no matter your career, but as a photographer it can be the difference between success and failure. It is important to remember we are in the people business. Yes, our clients purchase our time, our expertise and our work, but it’s our ability to engage the client that makes for a successful relationship.

I believe the most important advice about “being cool” when meeting potential clients is to be yourself, be genuine and look for opportunities to relate on a real and honest level. Most clients are looking for a solution to a problem and your work is your solution, but your personality and passion is what will help them pick you over another photographer with equal or even greater skill.



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Does your personal work have to match the branding of your commercial work in order to show it?

I am surprised so many photographers don’t recognize the importance personal work plays in our lives, as both artists and small business owners. Personal photography projects can be the heart and soul of our businesses, and certainly the fuel for our passion and creativity.

There are often two camps when it comes to personal work. The first is the new photographer, who only has personal work to show potential clients; the second is longtime pros who are so busy with client work that personal projects get put off again and again. Obviously, in the first case, you need paying clients, or photography is just a hobby. But for that second group, personal projects remain extremely important to artistic growth.

More… To read the rest of my article visit Agency Access’s The Lab

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10 Tips to Help YOU with Contracts

Kate Jarvis is the producer for Chase Jarvis photography and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her post are always informative and she shares behind the scenes aspects of the business that many of us struggle with.

Kate recently posted an excellent article on dealing with contracts that every photographer should read. Also, I hope Chase realizes how luck he is. :)

Way to go Kate !!

Read Kates blog post at Chase Jarvis 10 Tips to Help Photographers & Creatives [that's YOU] with Contracts


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Make Good Art

I love it when I stumble across an inspiring article or video on the internet, it is one of the great things about being connected to the worlds largest library.

Here is a commencement address by author Neil Gaiman, to the University of Arts, Philadelphia, that reminds all artist that the path is not easy and rarely clearly defined. But that the journey is one we must all take in order to share our talent and vision to create.

The video is 20 minutes long which is at the threshold of most our attention spans (especially in today’s instant, 100 mbps, on-demand, got to have it now mentality) but I think you will find it worth your time. Especially if you are fellow artist trying to discover your path in life.

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Impressive American Ingenuity – NASA Space Shuttle

There are some forms of man-made ingenuity that are so inspiring and overwhelming that are impossible to ignore, even for the most rational human being. I think its fare to say that for most kids growing up in the 1960′s and 1970′s the US space program had a huge impact in bring out the closet geek in most of us. As the space program evolved I suspect for those who are  younger the Space Shuttle program might have had a similar impact. But, even if you were not a geek at heart and were fortunate to witness a space shuttle launch in person it is an experience you will never forget.

I count myself as one of the fortunate who was able to see a shuttle launch from on base at Cape Canaveral. The word impressive does not even come close to the feeling you get when watching such a miraculous show of ingenuity.  Anyone who has seen a launch will describe an unexpected sensation and that is the sound and power of the solid rocket boosters. Ask them and they will describe the feeling in their chest from the sound waves generated by this powerful demonstration of force.

As the shuttle program winds down NASA is providing three of these amazing machines to museums around the country. On Tuesday April 17th, NASA delivered the Discovery Shuttle to the Udvar Hazy Space Muesum just outside Washington, D.C., this was another historic flight for the shuttle and was THE best show in D.C. as shuttle arrived aboard the back of a specially equipped 231 foot Boeing 747. Cars pulled off the highways and people called in sick from work as thousands took up positions around the area to capture a view of the arriving shuttle.

NASA provided a great show for the nations capital as the 747 made two passes around the surrounding areas. Spectators were cheering and clapping as the 747 and it’s payload went overhead and everyone wanted a photo or video of this historic moment.

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Managing Client Relationships: It’s All About People

I have recently been approached by Agency Access to become a contributor for their “The Lab” blog.  Agency Access is the only one stop promotional service that takes care of direct marketing for photographers, illustrators, artist reps and stock agencies.

The Lab is a blog that give artists what we need to grow your freelance careers – information and advice from the best experts in the industry.  Their vision is that The Lab will become the place for artists to find resources that show you how to build the business of your dreams, one that’s both inspiring and profitable. I can attest to the fact that Agency Access is passionate about artist marketing and are committed to bringing you the very best information available, anywhere.

My first blog entry was just posted and if you are interested growing your business and learning from other industry professions I encourage you to check out The Lab.

Agency Access The Lab


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So You Want to Be a Photographer

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